20th  April 2015  Week 21

                                                 Division 1                                                   Division  2
 Golden Lion  v   Sir Rober Peel B  RPTA  v   Kings X Invaders
 Peckwater Peckwater   v   POW Dynamos  Cock Tavern Aloysius v  The Lion
 Kings X Hawks
 v   Green Man A  Slattery Squatters v  Zombies
 Boston Rimmers  v   Boston Arms  Boston Old 'Skool' v  The Boot
 Cousins Elite  v   Kings X Hurricanes  Green Man B v  Slatterys A
 Sir Rober Peel A  v   Peckwater TA  Kings X Barbarians v  The Florin
The Chalk Farm Pool League (CFPL) was established in 1978 and the league has been thriving ever since. This is an amazing league with many many years of experience, bringing together old and new teams and players in to both of our divisions as well as our many cups! This is just a fantastic league, no better place to have a fun night of pool on a Monday! Many pubs have played in the league, some that have unfortunately closed due to modern times and many fantastic pubs that are still open and playing in this league today!

Chalk Farm Pool League News

 The Compulsory League Meeting (C.L.M) was a huge susses and the CFPL would like to thank you all who attended.

As some of you are aware, there was a situation in regards to a Liam Tarrent Cup match card being handed in late and after many conversations and late nights the disciplinary committee decided that the captain would be suspended for two Liam Tarrent Cup match this season. Upon uncovering this grey area we are asking you the people of the CFPL to come up with suggestions of what other consequences there could be should something like this happen again in the future.

At this point of time, we the CFPL would like to invite all venues to tender for the presentation night possibility last two weeks of July
 or first two weeks of September date TBC by the committee.

All fines have been paid in full and are up to date as on this C.L.M 8/4/15.

Thank you,

CFPL Committee


Green baize challenge! If you’ve got what it takes …

Division One four-timers: Sir Robert Peel

Division One four-timers: Sir Robert Peel

Published: 9 April, 2015

THE chairman of the Chalk Farm Pool League has called on players from across Camden and Islington to form new teams and “take to the table” if they think they have what it takes to topple the very best.

Shaun Pollard’s remarks come after Sir Robert Peel were crowned division one champions for the fourth year in a row, while on the same night the King’s Cross Barbarians won the second division title.

“There’s still plenty to play for with teams desperately looking to avoid relegation,” he said. “But it’s a shame to see the championship race in both divisions already wrapped up. “There are two games to go and it would have been nice to see them go down to the wire.

“As it stands, Peel are 30 points clear of their closest rivals, while the Barbarians are 29 points ahead. We want to see as much competition in the league as possible, so if there are any players out there who think they’re serious players, then I’m calling them out to form a team and take to the tables.”

• To join the action teams should email details to

Champion smiles: Division Two winners King’s Cross Barbarians

Administrative Committee:

Chairman – Shaun Pollard 07898 107 858
League Secretary - Nick McKenna 07947 762 671
Treasurer - Gary Gauci 07932 317 281
Div 1 Players Rep - Alp Sezer 07957 134 660
Div 2 Players Rep - Peter Morris
07830 101 229

Disciplinary Committee:
Everton Berry 07956 168 526
Vlad Levitsky 07767 657 019
Bob Martin 07963 235 546

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 the Contacts Numbers below.

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Venue Governors Teams Captain Phone
69 Camden Road
Michael Slattery
0207 267 5787
Slatterys A
Michael Slattery
Bob Martin
07792 854 083
07963 235 546
The Boot
116 Cromer Street
0207 837 3842
Peter Morris
07830 101 229
Boston Arms
178 Junction Road
N19 5QQ
PJ Fahey
07859 901 445
Boston Arms
Boston Rimmers
Boston Old Skool
Andy Hillyer
Brian Healey
Rob Dodds
07971 060 756
07903 610 197
07951 434 815
Cock Tavern
23 Phoenix Road
Robert Taylor
07727 731 460
Lee Howard
07727 731 460
Cousins Snooker Club
8-14 Seven Sisters Road
N7 6AH
Sinan Yuce
07944 703 442
0207 609 0038
Levi Malcom
Vlad Levitsky
07538 034 402
07767 657 019
The Florin 
563 Holloway Rd
N19 4DQ
Louise Scully
07903 416 418
Ben Scully 07930 135 170
The Golden Lion
88 Royal College Street
Dave Murphy
0207 387 2035
The Lion
Shaun Pollard
Gary Gauci
07898 107 858
07932 317 281
The Green Man
144A Essex Road
N1 8LX
Dean Donaghey
07724 635 764
Cieron Farrelly
Ken Sheehan
07722 111 067
07535 742 642
Kings Cross Hurricane Room
368 Grays Inn Rd
Mark Holland
0207 278 7079
Kings X Hurricanes
Kings X Hawks
Kings X Invaders
Kings X Barbarians
Alp Sezer
Steve Ballard
Harry Harvey
Andy Lishak
07957 134 660
07956 815 134
07535 594 070 
07947 879 804
Peckwater TA
4 Peckwater St
Tuppy Ray
07984 632 936
Paul Smith
James Mason
07931 506 249
07984 632 936
The Prince of Wales
101 Willesden Lane
John Healy
02035 615 854
Alan Naylor
James Law
07804 119 836
07581 292 328
Regents Park TA
Dick Collins Hall Redhill Street
Mick Jordan
07514 282 141
Frank Beaney
07742 982 470
Sir Robert Peel
108 Malden Road
Tom Boylan
07949 824 500
John Brown
Mark Batson
07976 425 740
07956 644 508
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